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Better Mental Health

Apr 19, 2019

This podcast is an intro to stress awareness, the sign and symptoms of stress and 3 tips to cope better with stress

1.02 Explaining what stress is?

3.01 Recognising the signs & symptoms

3.43 Stress Bucket & vulnerability

4.48 Signs & symptoms

5.18 What needs your urgent attention-  How to pick Top 3 priorities


Apr 19, 2019

This podcast is about stress as an interview with Neil Shah stress management expert and author. Neil shares what he is doing across organisations and shines the light on, men’s mental health, suicide and meaningful engagement in the workplace


1.00 Exploring what is stress?

1.47 Suicide statistics & risks explored

Apr 7, 2019

Emma is sharing her personal experience of being married for 35 years with her husband suffering with bipolar disorder and her tips to cope better

1.06 What is it like living with someone with bipolar?

2.12 Exploring manic & depressive states

4.04 Signs & symptoms of manic episodes

5.45 Signs & symptoms of depressive...

Apr 7, 2019

Rob is a mental health campaigner and influencer and the Founder of InsideOut, a social enterprise with the mission of smashing the stigma on mental ill-health in the workplace. 

0.45 Intro Rob Stephenson - InsideOut - Mental Health Campaigner

1.09 Rob shares his work on raising awareness as a mental health campaigner &...

Apr 7, 2019

Workplace wellbeing is such an important topic to me. I am talking to Baiba Ziga on her role in Talent Management, her thoughts on women in tech and improving mental health and wellbeing.