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Better Mental Health

Jun 17, 2019

This month we are discussing Men’s mental health for Men’s Mental Health day. Chinua Cole, Founder & CEO of Dadapp is behind the world’s first meet-up app for dads to reduce social isolation in men

0.51 Pioneering wellbeing for dads through nearby connection

1.50 What are the usual dad activities?

2.45 Motivation to develop the dad app & masculinity in mental health

4.25 What kind of guys use the app?

5.50 Encouraging dads to share connections

6.50 How to reduce the stigma of mental health in men?

7.46 Why is online such a great place to start the conversation

8.50 Men & Crying

11.15 Being the Breadwinner

17.00 The Buff guy & impacts of social media

19.20 Dad App for the future