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Better Mental Health

Oct 10, 2019

Derek Owusu a writer and podcaster just publishing his second book- ‘That Reminds Me’ out in November 2019.

Last year Derek was diagnosed with a personality disorder after suffering with mental health issues since the age of 12.

We are exploring the meaning of suicide, suicidal ideation and self harm through the lense of hopelessness and helplessness.

'That Reminds Me' is a creative expression of some of these feelings and situations in an attempt to rewrite history.

Not to resolve this issue or come to a conclusion, but to give this difficult topic a space for reflection and for others to identify with this place.

1.15 - Suicide Prevention & Zero Suicide Policies

3.11 - Risk Assessments - Do They Really Work?

3.42 - Hopelessness & Helplessness

5.45 - Opening Up The Suicide Conversation

7.39 - Reflective Listening & The Power Of Empathy

10.27 - Self Harm Is Not Just Cutting?

14.58 - Appropriate Responses

18.54 - Creative Expression & Writing

20.38 - Vulnerability, Staying & Being Pushed Away

23.42 - The Impact Of Online Or Offline

25.40 - Repetition Compulsion & Rewriting The Wrongs