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Better Mental Health

Dec 11, 2019

Social isolation and loneliness have been linked to a higher risk for anxiety and depression. Should reducing loneliness be part of any wellness strategy?

Graham Gardiner is an experienced social entrepreneur & CEO of Age UK who has built his career on the basis that everyone has skills, talents and something to offer.

Exploring the benefits of social connection and the impact on mental wellness to reduce loneliness and social isolation. 

1.04 - How Connected Are People?

4.08 - Positive & Resilient Ageing

6.20 - My Social Increasing Social Connection

7.27 - The Intergenerational Narrative & Diversity Question

10.24 - Christmas Time, TV, Pets & Family Visits

14.12 - Twixmas Events & Miserable Buggers

16.07- Spoons & The Betting Shop Challenge

19.27 - Love Your Older Neighbour

22.55 - Advice On Getting Involved At Christmas 

25.49 - Kindness At The Heart Of Flourishing Communities

29.10 - How Can You Support This Christmas?

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