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Better Mental Health

Feb 1, 2020

Welcome to today’s series on Company Culture. This is our monthly focus on the workplace. We are exploring good company culture and how to build something that lasts.

Mads Babs Author, Associate Professor & Founder of the Danish Tech-Start-up Humanai, an AI based digital assistant that guides teams and managers on issues related to mental health and organisational development.

Mad’s is an expert in utilising LSP methodology and has been working with senior leadership teams across the globe with a strong emphasis on resilience and collective intelligence to focus on implementation and execution, and build a company culture that lasts.

0.50 - What is Lego Serious Play (LSP)?

1.40 - The Origins of LSP?

2.55 - What Is The Format Of A LSP Workshop?

3.55 - Example Of Building Models

5.01 - Visual Representation & Connection

5.28 - Hands On Thinking For Problem Solving

7.41 - Unpicking Complexity

9.30 - Posing Questions, Reflection & Going Deeper

11.16 - Using LSP To Improve Resilience & Wellbeing

12.20 - Collective Intelligence & Aligning Teams

13.48 - HumanAI & Digital Assistants

If you are considering becoming a facilitator in LSP. Gnist runs a 4 day training programme. More details here

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