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Better Mental Health

Mar 1, 2020

Peter K is better known as MepTech, Specialising in Gaming via Livestreams & building a solid community of gamers.

Peter is sharing his own personal story of binge eating disorder after struggling with his physical health for many years.

Peter explores this from a male perspective which is often missing from the eating disorders narrative.

0.46 - Male Perspective On Eating Disorders

2.06 - The Beginning Of Bingeing

4.57 - Binging vs Compulsive Eating

6.35 - Types Of Binge Food & The Scales

8.23 - Health Conditions With Bingeing

10.02 - What Was Eating At Him Epihany

11.23 - Who Is In Really Control?

13.20 - How His Physical Health Impacts Bingeing?

17.04 - Bingeing & The Gaming Industry

20.36 - Do Men Need To Talk More?

26.11 - Gaming Communities Changing The Narrative

This perspective was part of our Eating Disorders Awareness Summit to increase awareness of eating disorders, during Eating Disorders Awareness Week.