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Better Mental Health

Mar 2, 2020

Ania Mitchell, Registered Dietitian. Founder of Mindful Nutrition 365, specialising in Intuitive Eating. Supporting women to heal their relationship with food.

Ania has an MSc in Nutrition at the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford, Connecticut.

This talk explores Orthorexia, clean eating, plant based vegan diets & balanced nutrition through intuitive eating.

0.52 - Impact Of Diet Culture

2.27 - Orthorexia vs Healthy Eating

4.46 - Social Media & Celebrity Influencers

6.54 - A Dietician’s Perspective On Healthy Foods

8.14 - Intuitive Eating Explained

10.10 - Making Peace With Food

12.10 - Vegan & Plant Based Diets A Healthier Option?

17.38 - A Closer Look At The Ingredients

21.35 - Expert Sources & Nutritional Advice

24.05 - Top Tips To Improve Nutrition

This perspective was part of our Eating Disorders Awareness Summit increasing awareness of eating disorders for diverse communities during Eating Disorders Awareness Week.