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Better Mental Health

Jan 24, 2021

Alcohol Awareness - How Is Alcohol Part of Your Quarantine Routine?

8pm announcements, home schooling & being in the middle of a pandemic! Many adults are drinking more in the pandemic. Could alcohol abuse a potential harm of social isolation during the COVID?

Today I am joined by Naetha Uren. Recovery Coach, trainer & facilitator. Recovery Coach Academy© supporting multiple pathways for recovery.  We are exploring recovery & alcohol. 

3.22 -  Trends in alcohol sales and risky consumption

5.35 - How much alcohol is too much?

9.49 - Recovery & Alcohol Awareness

12.24 - Drugs and alcohol go hand in hand?

15.08 - Is alcohol abuse a potential harm of social isolation

21.28 - Asking for help in the hybrid workplace?

27.37-  Peer Recovery Coaching

Trends in Alcohol sales & consumption PHE Data  

Measuring your alcohol consumption  

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