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Better Mental Health

Feb 10, 2021

Episode 71- Lockdown Learning

How to homeschool your child & stay sane?

Kelly Titcombe is a teacher with over 10 years experience teaching primary aged children. She is passionate about education & supporting learning in a fun, engaging and creative way from home.

We are exploring the impossible task of increasing learning outcomes while staying sane. Great resources and tips to fun, engaging and creative ways to homeschool.

0.43 - Normal Homeschooling vs Pandemic Homeschooling

3.09 - How many hours should you be homeschooling?

6.10 - The importance of play

8.02 -  Prompt your child’s cues to improve wellbeing

10.25- Transitioning creativity

14.47 - Celebrating achievements

17.05 - Navigating resources at different learning stages

28.07 - Tips for parents struggling to sustain or maintain focus & wellbeing