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Better Mental Health

Feb 17, 2021

Vanessa Chikaka is passionate about coaching & consulting diverse talent. Founder of Felix Diversity Talent Development with a wealth of experience in the legal space. 

During her legal career she worked for two prestigious US law firms in the city and is one of our preferred partners for diversity strategy, leading in coaching diverse talent across law firms.

Today we are sharing the narrative of Vanessa Chikaka in the law industry as a mixed race woman to support of the collective advancement of black women leading & winning.

1.25 - Perception of Black Women in Law

2.51 - Strong Independent & Black 

4.10 - Over Confidence vs Identity For Women

6.22 - Forging Meaningful Relationships

8.40 - Validation Being Seen & Heard

11.14 - Coaching & Mentoring Support

14.05 - Collective Advancement  vs Celebrating Difference

17.35-  Transparency At All Levels

19.35 - The Belonging & Value Culture