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Better Mental Health

Apr 9, 2021

Before the pandemic, I think we assumed that only older people were vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation – However, during this pandemic a number one concern reported by many is loneliness and social isolation.

Robin Hewings Programme Director of the Campaign to End Loneliness. Leading driving action on loneliness through research, published reports on the Psychology of Loneliness

We explore the psychology of loneliness and why it is not a mental health issue.

0.45 - What Is The Psychology Of Loneliness?

1.58 - Loneliness Is Not A Mental Health Issue

4.17 - The Impact Of Covid On Loneliness

6.50 - Increasing Connection Vs Social Distance

9.48 - Impacting Specific Sectors Or Industries?

14.05 - Are We Creating A Culture Of Wellbeing Where People Are Comfortable Asking For Support?

18.43 - Bridging The Gap In Diverse Communities

24.01 - What’s Happened To Loneliness During Lockdown?