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Better Mental Health

Jun 15, 2021

Shalyn Isaacs is a second-generation South Asian woman, Psychotherapist, Founder of Women’s Mental Health Talks at York University and Director of Women’s Embodied Liberation (WEL)

We are exploring decolonisation, trauma and rage to deconstruct psychological, social and emotional wellbeing for women of colour

1.02  Women Of Colour & Colonisation 

2.26 - Liberation of Psychological & Emotional Wellbeing

4.43 - Empowerment in Patriarchy and Capitalism

6.26 - Healers, Social Entrepreneurs & Creators

9.48 - The Awareness & Recovery Journey

13.06 - Embodied Liberation Model 

16.12 - What Does Liberation Mean For Women of Colour?

20.12 - Longing to Come Home to Yourself

23.20 - Where Do You Start From?