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Better Mental Health

Feb 8, 2023

Calling out the Bullsh*t in DEI explores perspectives of this space. Consultants, quotas and performative tick box practices, including that terrible question to Ngozi Fulani – Where are you really from? And, ways people leaders can improve this space in 2023

Sammie Hawkins - Leadership coach, facilitator and writer | Calling bullsh*t on injustice I help people take back their power. 

Erin Corine - The Identity & Belonging Coach, Performing Artist & Mama. Decolonizing Leadership. Chicago-Grown, Black Neurodivergent, Storyteller, Community Mama 

3.40 - Calling out standalone roles - Pushing a Rock up the Hill

7.12 - How to Reduce the Impact on your Mental Health?

9.35 - Safespaces - Should organisation’s provide this Space?

11.54 - Speaking to Power - How can leaders be empowered?

14.20 - Performative DEI vs justice 

17.14 - Building equitable organisations

19.20 - Sustainability, growth & moving the dial

24.42 - Proud plant mamma 

26.42 - Mirroring the british psyche

30.16 - Meghan the selective representation

36.41 - The DEI Distraction- Past vs Present

44.14 - Where are you really from?

46.12 - Recommendations For Good Practice in DEI 2023