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Better Mental Health

Aug 6, 2019

Melita Swaby, is working for one of the UKs leading charities supporting children, young people and their families. She is currently working on a project commissioned by CAMHS to support parents of children aged 6-18 who are diagnosed with ADHD awaiting diagnosis. She is a Youth Worker by background and yoga teacher, combining her passion for supporting young people with yoga practice to improve mental health.


0.44 - Main characteristics of ADHD- Inattentive, hyperactive, impulsive

3.25 -  Exploring diagnosis, how these characteristics differ from normal, high energy in young children and misdiagnosis

6.05 - Challenges pre-diagnosis and post diagnosis

7.50 - How can we support children with ADHD better?

9.20-  Parents Self-Care

10.10- ADHD Awareness Training in Schools, parents and children

11.20- The Spectrum- Difference between Autism and ADHD

12.40- Top 3 Tips for Parents managing children & young people with ADHD

14.48- Advice to parents on Screen time

17.05- Spirituality & Mental Wellbeing


To contact Melita or attend the Positive Parenting Service

Barnardo’s Surrey Positive Parenting Service
Facebook - Yoga With Melita
Instagram - yogawithmelita