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Better Mental Health

May 27, 2019

Eve Simmons and Laura Dennison, both journalist and editors of ‘Not plant based’ and authors of 'Eat it Anyway' Fight the food fads, beat anxiety & eat in peace.

0.51 ‘Eat in Anyway’- Scientific Motivation to eat whatever you want!

3.45 Struggling with food relationships

4.34 Positive body image envy

6.22 The body image spectrum- Young people, women, social media comparisons

9.10 The female perspective- stereotypes, waists & thigh gaps!

11.40 Impact self esteem for good

13.55 Instagram culture- Still a way to go to balance diversity!

15.30 How to get pleasure from food- ‘Not Plant Based’ dispelling myths and diet fads

17.01 Tips and advice to eat what you like & not feel guilty

18.50 Breaking the mindset of restriction across binge eating and anorexia (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
(Instagram, Twitter)