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Better Mental Health

Jul 22, 2019

Kate Greenslade a mindfulness coach, trained with a former monk in Thailand helps people recover from anxiety and overcome self-limiting beliefs. Exploring mindfulness to manage anxiety, panic and negative beliefs

0.41 Mindfulness Journey, training with monks and the immediacy of living in here the and now

3.54 Links to spirituality and moving away from a medicalised model

4.20 Stepping out of the thought loop

5.37 Principles of Mindfulness

6.53 The observer, taking a moment

7.55 How is mindfulness different to pilates and yoga?

8.55 Applied mindfulness to change negative behaviour patterns

9.45 Negative thought patterns, uncertainty & letting go

12.45 Practice Mindfulness- Letting go- Body Scan

15.45 The challenges of keeping the mind still

16.40 Kate shares her Mindfulness Courses