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Better Mental Health

Aug 12, 2019

Joanne Nathan, Governor at Tuffnell Park Primary School, qualified as a teacher 30 years ago and has an MA in Early Years from the Institute of Education and has struggled with her own mental health issues after having a baby explore children and young people's mental health and the benefits of play to improve emotional wellbeing

0.44 - Explores the early warning signs and the difference of mental health issues for boys and girls

3.30- How do we raise awareness of mental illness for  Training for staff, parents

8.38- The use of social media, isolation and screen time in children’s play

9.44 Playing outside, free play as a learning tool and inner city landscapes

15.57- Building resilience of parents and children through managing risk while keeping children safe

17.50 - Gender sensitivity & gender dysphoria

19.46 - Opening a tin of worms- What if we say the wrong thing?

20.48 Advice to parents and teachers primary school age to encourage mental health conversations