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Better Mental Health

Sep 25, 2019

Dr Frank -Jurgen Richter Chairman of Horasis Global Meeting and Regional Summits in China, India and South East Asia. A partnership between emerging and developed markets. Exploring mental health and leadership to increase the adoption of wellbeing from a political and a business perspective

0.51 Emerging & industrialised countries to bring together entrepreneurs, governments and system

2.07 Exploring the new world of work, businesses, NGOs not just for profits

3.25 Exploring Mental Health as an emerging crisis

5.30 Shifting businesses and world leaders to prioritise mental health and happiness as a return on investment

7.25 Leadership approaches across cultural barriers

13.11 Creativity and innovation in changing and instability

14.10 Brexit, uncertainity and promoting wellbeing

18.23 Maintaining work/ life balance - Nutrition, Yoga, meditation and socialising work/ life balance, longevity and wellbeing

20.45 How can we communicate better with the business world & politicians to increase the adoption of wellbeing?