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Better Mental Health

Feb 1, 2020

21% of the population are obese. We are exploring obesity and how bariatrics surgery can be part of sustained weight loss goals to tackle this worldwide epidemic.

Maria Ioannides, Patient Consultant at Soma Bariatrics & Founder of Opsis Medical Aesthetics. She is passionate about holistic care in bariatrics and aesthetics, with over 15 years experience in healthcare, settting up clinics across the UK, Ireland, Gibralter and Spain.

0.46 - Bariatrics Permanent vs Non- Permanent Options

3.11-  Obesity & BMI Range

4.27 - Diet, Exercise & Psychological Support

6.24 - The Emotional Rollercoaster

8.43 - Assessment & Screening Before The Operation

9.16 - What About Regrets Post Operation?

11.10 - Life Changing Results

13.10 - Support Networks For Making Surgery Success

14.20 - Top 3 Tips For Sustained Weight Loss

16.38 - The Process & Getting Operation Ready

19.00 - Myth or Fact - Bariatrics Is The Easy Way Out?