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Better Mental Health

Feb 2, 2020

Welcome to our podcast marking 20 years of World Cancer Day.

20 years ago today Six Cancer Experts got together in a room in Paris to develop a charter to change how we think about cancer.

We are exploring Pancreatic Cancer and the power of individual action to shape the narrative on cancer with Catherine Wines, Co-Founder of WorldRemit sharing her own personal cancer story to impact and shape how we deal with cancer in the workplace.

In 2010, convinced that digital innovation would enable faster, lower-cost money transfers around the world. Now a Non- Executive Director, she frequently appears at conferences and across the media talking on issues from Fintech and innovation to women in business.

1.05 - ‘I Am I Will’ Campaign

4.17 - The Power Of Attitude

6.11- Putting Things Into Perspective

7.07 - Assumptions, Death & Taboos

9.05 - The Workplace & Dispelling Cancer Myths

11.46 - Awareness & Prevention Narrative

14.19 - The Role Of Governments

16.03 - Cancer & Emotional Wellbeing

19.11- The Bravest Thing We Can Do About Cancer?

21.20 - How To Approach The Big ‘C’ Conversation