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Better Mental Health

Apr 7, 2019

Rob is a mental health campaigner and influencer and the Founder of InsideOut, a social enterprise with the mission of smashing the stigma on mental ill-health in the workplace. 

0.45 Intro Rob Stephenson - InsideOut - Mental Health Campaigner

1.09 Rob shares his work on raising awareness as a mental health campaigner & influencing senior leaders

2.58 Leadership Board 2019

4.21 Sustaining full time work with bipolar disorder- Rob shares his mania, depression but also his drive & creativity

5.48 Signs & symptoms of depression and mania

6.24 Shares Inside Out work to demonstrate people with bipolar who have full time roles

10.09 What are the most helpful interventions for managers?

11.18 How to engage in open conversations

11.55 The power of asking ‘How are you?’

12.57 Events Rob will be attending

13.53 Preventative Mental Health- Case for solutions

14.37 Betterspace