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Better Mental Health

Apr 21, 2020

We Are Exploring:

  • Sleep & Society - How Sleep Continues To Be An Ignored Part Of Our Lives
  • The Bi-directional Links Between Physical & Mental Health And Sleep
  • The Role Of Technology & What It Holds For The Future Of Sleep
  • How The Pandemic Is Going To Change Our Sleep Health

Dr. Amiya Patanaik is the CEO & Co-founder of Neurobit Technologies. He has a PhD in Computer Engineering from NTU Singapore.

A deep tech start-up working on making high quality sleep health, accessible and affordable. He has been studying machine-learning and AI with applications to cognitive neuroscience and medical signals for more than a decade.

Amiya has authored two international patents and his work has been published in high impact scientific journals including Nature, Proceedings of National Academy of Science, Neuroimage, Sleep, ACM and IEEE.

Before starting Neurobit, he was working on improving sleep and memory using real-time acoustic stimulations as a post-doc at Duke-NUS Medical School.

0.29 - Sleep Health Studies

2.32 - Recommended Amount Of Sleep

3.04 - Physical, Emotional & Mental Health

3.58 - Deep Sleep Explained

5.02 - Neuroscience Of Prayer & Meditation

7.23- Can Positive Thinking & Lockdown Impact Sleep

8.50 - Nuerobit & Wearables Technology

12.06 - Sleep Apnea Or Loud Snoring

13.42 - Sleep Studies vs Nuerobit

15.30 - Piloting Sleep Apnea

16.53 - The Pandemic Changing Sleep Health

18.24 - Technology In The Future Of Sleep

20.55 - What Disrupts Our Sleep?

25.11- 4 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Sleep