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Better Mental Health

Sep 20, 2020

Exploring managing anxiety and uncertainty returning to the office as we consider both the physical and psychological safety of employees to increase wellbeing.

Christ Hart, Founder of The Recruiter Index & team lead passionate about positive mental health. Specialising in Infrastructure & Security Markets For Client Server.

Adam Brown, Founder of Sparqpath an online education community focused on shifting consciousness. Passionate about neuroscience, flow state and peak performance towards a better work life.

0.58 - The Working From Home Experience

4.42 - The Hybrid Model - Is It Too Soon?

7.21 - When WFH Becomes A Nightmare

8.41- Are People Not Wearing Masks Taking It Seriously?

10.36 - Lack of Trust vs Thriving Not Just Surviving

11.48 - Mindset, Passion & Developing Empathy

16.35 - Improving Wellbeing & Psychological Safety

20.16 - Managing Anxiety & Uncertainty

24.22 - Keeping People In A Good Place

27.39 - What To Do If You Are Feeling Sad?

29.54- The Power Of Patience & Vulnerability

31.54 - Making Time For Yourself