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Better Mental Health

Oct 18, 2020

Michael Levitt, Chief Burnout Officer at The Breakfast Leadership Network & author of '369 Days How To Survive' shares how he survive and go from burnout to breakthrough, this was after burnout nearly killed him & how he recovered.


We explore the characteristics of burnout? If burnout can kill or leave long lasting health effects. How long does it take to recover from burnout? And, how we can we go from burnout to breakthrough or even just balance.


0.57 - Intro The Hybrid Workplace

2.49 - Characterising Burnout

3.47 - Difference Between Stress & Burnout

4.51 - Burnout Kill Us vs Longer Term Effects

6.37 - Paying Attention To The Signs & Symptoms

8.18 - Recovering From Burnout

11.20 - How To Prevent Burnout Again?

12.25 - No Commute, No Time To Reset

16.34 - SelfCare, Balance & Breakthrough

19.05 - Vacation vs Staycation

21.51 - The Smartphone Rabbit Hole

24.54 - Overwhelm Working From Home