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Better Mental Health

Oct 29, 2020

Doctors and researchers call the gut the “second brain.”Shim Ravalia CEO & Founder of The Gut Intuition helping expert in giving tools to be healthy for the second brain to have a better work life balance

90% of serotonin – the “happy chemical” is manufactured in the gut. Beneficial gut bacteria produce neurotransmitters contribute to our emotional wellbeing including our mood, anxiety levels, concentration and motivation.

0.54 - The Gut Our Second Brain

4.20 - The Signs Of Unhealthy Guts & Mental States

5.47 - What Food Should We Avoid When Stressed?

8.49 - Eating For Wellbeing

10.56 - Gut Health In Wellness Programmes

11.40 - The 7 Step Gut Microbes

14.10 - Vagus & The Mind Body Connection

16.45 - Top 3 Tips For Beginners To Improve Gut Health

19.40 - Supplements & Good Bacteria