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Better Mental Health

Dec 9, 2020

Part 2 - Tackling The Menopause Taboo

Menopause is a serious subject and a big change for all women. Yet, it still is rarely a topic of open discussion. It’s time to accept that menopause is not just a female issue that we all need to take seriously.

Nina Kuypers Founder of Black Women in Menopause, with over 28 years experience in health, exercise and nutrition & Pam Sagoo who went through menopause at the age of 49 and was successfully managing most of her symptoms with Ayurvedic medicine and yoga until she hit a bump in the road.

We are talking about menopause from diverse perspectives in an open dialogue to encourage open conversations and tackle the menopause taboo.


0.51 - Why Is Menopause Taboo?

1.54 - Black Women & Menopause

4.19 - Are you Peri-menopausal? 

5.20 - Severe Menopause: Hitting A Brick Wall

8.16 - Managing Hormones & Mental Health

11.20- Empowering Woman To Talk About Menopause

14.46 - Missing Something Mindset Shift

19.32 - How Do You Start An Open Conversation On Menopause?

22.50 - Workplace Opportunities - No Longer Just A Female Issue