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Better Mental Health

Mar 6, 2021

We explore the impact of micro aggressions on your mental health and calling this out in the workplace.  

Madeline Nyatsanza  Founder of 'Black Mental Health UK' is on a  mission to de-stigmatise mental health within the black community. 

She is also a Management Consultant & Project Manager by trade and knows first-hand the challenges one can face when entering the corporate world as a black woman who is leading and winning. 

1.22 - What are microaggressions?

2.19 - Death by a thousand cuts

4.17 - ‘You’re so articulate’ ‘Is that your hair?'

7.08 - Black experience of being ‘The Other’ 

7.52 - Challenges black women face in corporate

9.27 - What should white leaders know about microaggressions?

11.24 - Calling out microaggressions

12.30 - My failures navigating the corporate space

13.35 - Getting it wrong & being emotionally vulnerability

15.17 - Listening in a vulnerable way

17.37 - Building trust, getting frank!

19.35 - Pub culture, building relationships & breaking barriers

27.11 - The importance of mentorship

32.43 - Black Mental Health 

37.50 - Collective advancement & trauma free blackness

42.01 - The most important advice for good mental health