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Better Mental Health

Jun 14, 2021

Jade Ecobichon-Gray BSc., MSc is a straight-talking social wellness consultant. Founder of Mindset Matters which empowers organisations to move away from one-off wellbeing initiatives towards the creation of sustainable wellness strategies. 

Jade is also passionate about racial equity and the relationship between racial identity and wellbeing. She has written extensively about her experiences as a ‘white-assumed’ mixed-race woman and has recently begun facilitating an expert workshop for the Mixed Bloom Room, a coaching course for mixed-race adults in the US and UK.  

Jade has a Masters in Health Psychology and is a registered member of the British Psychological Society with a decade of experience working in social care and wellness for both the public and private sector. 

We unpack mixed fragility, exploring racial identity and colourism  in a world where your skin tone can shape your experience of  belonging.

0.30 - Skin Tone, Colourism & Pallative Blackness?

4.04 - Unpacking Mixed Fragility 

7.08 - Forming Identity Being Mixed Race

9.49 - Racial identity & Wellbeing

12.35 - The Oppressed vs The Oppressor 

15.17 - A Meaningful Sense of Wholeness

17.55 - Never Either Or, Staying Curious

22.25 - Decolonisation & Belonging

24.53 - Racial Equity 

Check out the website: Mindset Matters UK