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Better Mental Health

Aug 20, 2021

Yinka Ewuola is a coach, consultant, strategist.v Former investment banker & Founding member of UK Black Tech

Founder of Calla Success Systems helping busy, ambitious women to build thriving, profitable businesses. 

Yinka Ewuola and I are sharing our experiences of entrepreneurship and exploring the labels & stereotypes of being a Black Female Founder to promote mental health & wellbeing.

0.59 - Describing & Defining Labels

4.56 - Giving Blackness A Meaning & Impact?

8.24 - Difference vs Disadvantages

10.19 - Representation of Black Females

15.49 - Self Limiting Beliefs & Mental Mindsets

17.50 - Unpicking Stereotypes & Misogynoir

23.15 - Mediocrity Is Not Enough

25.42 - Learning From Meghan Markle & Naomi Osaka

29.34 - Sense of Self & Promoting Mental Health

33.55 - Working Twice As Hard For Half The Pay!

36.34 - Wellbeing, Spirituality & Cultural Nuance

Kindship is a Safe Space for Diverse Women. The first Friday of each month to explore the intersectionality of Race & mental health. If you would like to attend. Please register here