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Better Mental Health

Oct 14, 2021

Black Women & Leading Winning Series 8

Tobi Oredein started her career as a journalist. Founder of Black Ballard, leading media and data company with a community of over 70,000 black women.

We are exploring raising investment as a black female entrepreneur. Tobi shares her strategies to raise investment successfully and some of her proudest moments creating legacy for the next generation.


0.57 - Tell us about your journey of entrepreneurship? 


3.44 - Misrepresentation of black females, entrepreneurs (less than 1%) get investment- how has that impacted your mental health? 


7.16 - Raising investment is tougher for Black Founders - How have you navigated this?


17.25 - I often talk about creating multiple income streams - how important is financial freedom to you when thinking about legacy and changing the narrative on racism?


21.44 - One of her proudest roles is being a mother to her young daughter- how important is for you to build a table and leave a legacy for the next generation?


26.28 -What advice would you give to other black female founders?

Kinship is Safe Space for Diverse Women.

On the first Friday of each month to explore the intersectionality of Race & mental health.

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