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Better Mental Health

Nov 16, 2021

Lisa Y Jones is a Certified Financial Coach. We are exploring wealth, finances and building a wealth mindset.

She paid off over 300k in 5 years with her husband and they are now teaching others the same principles of abundance.

Lisa shares how they developed a step-by-step approach to eliminate debt and how faith based financial coaching completely changed their financial situation. 

0.45 - What motivated you to tackle debt?

3.03 - Mental health, wellbeing & relationships

7.48 - The karmasutra vs toxic masculinity

10.34 - The wealth mindset - Diamonds or bricks 

14.12 - It’s not in my budget!

15.45 - The shift- Investing vs consuming

18.57 - Making financial goals 

21.32 - Top 3 tips to be wealthy & healthy

29.12 - ‘I don’t want to!’

Kinship – Safe Space for Diverse Women.

The first Friday of each month to explore the intersectionality of Race & mental health. If you would like to attend please register here