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Better Mental Health

Dec 13, 2021

My road to success has been paved with many obstacles, and this my friends, has all been part of the process. When I used to think of a leader, I didn’t see myself and neither did others!

In 2022, my desire is to see more diverse women elevated into leadership roles and build a bigger sphere of influence in their industry, changing the idea of what leaders look like.

I actually genuinely believe, successful people are not the ones who are more intelligent, but the ones who have a strategy to get there, a roadmap that will show the directions.

2.21 - My Road to success

4.08 - You can’t be, what you can’t see!

6.10 -  Without sacrificing your mental health

8.57 -  Dealing with sabotage & our shadow self

11.34 - A goal without deadline is just a wish!

12.48 - Avoid rinse & repeat to 10x impact

13.55 - Super woman rewards

14.32 - Leadership Development

15.46 - Accountability & productivity

16.42- The golf course etiquette

Here is the roadmap for 2022