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Better Mental Health

Oct 12, 2022

Dr Shungu Hilda M'gadzah Director & Lead Consultant Psychologist over 30 years experience with a Doctorate in EI. Working as a DEI coach at senior executives at board level.


Today we are exploring everyday racism and what that looks like in the community & workplace. Thinking about how the racism spectrum can help us map this out.


We will also go deeper to explore a 6 stage framework to tackle everyday racism. Understanding & dealing with everyday racism is also your recent book 


1.50 - What makes the workplace lonely for diverse women?

3.30 - Intersectionality & Identity - Ticking the boxes

5.47 - Prejudices, racism & equity spectrum

7.02 - Early & extremes stages of discrimination

10.38 - Biases, stereotypes & judgements on sense of self

13.39 - How can we talk about race?

16.20 - Six Stages Framework to deal with everyday racism

22.38 - Group think or lone voice in being anti-racist

26.12 - Coming out of caves of priviledge

30.32 - Allyship & bystanders

34.46 - Reflect, change & do better next time!

36.11 - Three things you can do everyday to deal with racism

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