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Better Mental Health

May 14, 2019

Sarah Dosanjh is a psychotherapist and writer specialising in compulsive, emotional and restrictive eating helping her clients find peace with food and body image.

1.10 Healthy body image & self esteem

3.02 Compulsive and restrictive eating definitions

4.23 Signs of Eating Disorders

6.03 The impact of social media on body image

7.32 Comparisons in body image

9.10 Shares her personal experience of binge eating

16.06 All or nothing thinking - Can your eating ever be good enough?

19.15 Abstaining from food- Sugar & fats

21.30 Who is responsible for our food consumption?

23.13 Advice on positive body image

26.09 The impact on men for eating disorders

27.22 Sarah share upcoming groups, training and new book ventures